About Peter

Peter is coFounder of dataZumii. He’s been working over the years with Data and IT and how organisations make use of these . Peter believes that there has to be a better way to manage data and get more from it. dataZumii was created to help organisations small and large deal with data challenges.

Peter is also part Father, Husband and Geek and also spends time chasing random thoughts on simplicity that sometimes end up nowhere :) He doesn’t mind creating amateur works of art.

About us

dataZumii was created with the idea that people in organisations can understand their data better and make better decisions. Over the years, we’ve seen larger organisations try and give their users the information they need only to find out it’s not what they need or it’s too old. Given the different number of systems, it’s no surprise that it’s a complex task, made even more complex when trying to “glue data together” using different approaches.

What We’re Doing

We believe in making things simpler by hiding the complexity from managing data. You don’t need to take on the extra challenge of dealing with complicated and convoluted parts of the puzzle.

We’re trying to change things by firstly removing complexity and letting people get on with what they do well. You should just know enough to get to your data and not the “under-the-bonnet” (or “under-the-hood” if you prefer) details. Our first step in this journey is our Data Consolidation service that lets you store different pieces of data together in a Database without the need to learn another tool. Just send your data through in an email!