Providing an easier way to load data into a Database. Just by using email.

Seriously Simple.


Keeping it Simple.


1. Prepare your data

Simply grab the data you need, put it into an Excel or text file and add some column names.


3. Let our service do it’s thing

Our service will recognise the file type attached and load it automatically into a Database table, complete with History (i.e. you can tell what the data was at a particular date).

2. Email your data through

Send the file as an attachment to our email address that’s been setup to look for emails to process.


4. Understand your data better.

Don’t be shy of your data. It’s yours! You now have the data you need together in one place so you can point any tool at it and make sense of it like never before.


Don’t use complex tools to load your data.

No complex tools + No hassles = Simplicity


Public Beta Demo


Fill out your details below, upload your file and it’ll be loaded automatically.

Important: Please don't send any sensitive data as the Database is public!
It will also be dropped and recreated each day at 1200am GMT.

Requests are queued and a scheduler processes the queue every 5 minutes. Please be patient.

The first 10,0000 records of your file will be loaded into a database table with the same name as the sheet name or filename. You can also access the Google Drive Folder that contains the data or the Database directly*

*Trevor IO login details: (password: datazumii)