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The Australian Government introduced the Notifiable Data Breaches Scheme in 2018 under the Data Privacy Act (1998) that outlines requirements relating to Data Breaches of Personal Identifiable Information (PII). Organisations now have an obligation to notify Customers and the Government if a data breach is likely to result in serious harm to any individuals.

If your organisation has PII, then it needs to understand, classify and assess the risk of keeping it. Some examples of PII include:

data when combined, could identify an individual information about an individual's health financial information andinformation used to conduct identity theft (Medicare, Driver's licence).
If your organisation doesn't know what PII it has, then how can it protect it? It's important to think of all the parts of an organisation where data could be stored. Some of these are:
files including spreadsheets and documentsdatabasescloud applications anddigital devices (USB sticks, smart phones, tablets).

Where To Start

A good place to start is to identify files where PII is stored. These could be commonly used applications or files, though the risk is unknown as the number of places storing this type of information is also unknown.

Part of the issue is what to do with PII? It's important to ask the following questions:

is it needed to help run the organisation? (ASSESS it)if so, then who has access to it and do they need access? (LOCK it)delete what's not needed (DISPOSE it) andcreate a Data Breach Response Strategy (PLAN AHEAD).
Once PII is found, it's important to have procedures that help minimise risk and Policies to reinforce the procedures.

Where dataZumii Can Help

dataZumii can help your organisation understand its data assets and identify sensitive data or any other specific data. It has the expertise to extract data from different applications and databases, so your organisation can get the full picture on what data is being kept.

A Data Strategy can be developed moving forward that can remove redundant data to lower costs. This strategy also minimises risk by reducing the number of points where data is stored and helps to give your organisation a better view of it's healtheasier and quicker. With this data environment, better decisions can be made as data can be consolidated and key information can be provided quicker.

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Data. It's everywhere and chances are your organisation is capturing everyday. But how much of your data is actually used in the decision making process? What potential is there in your data that you don't know about? Can you get to it easily? Is it reliable?

The Business Transformation service relies on the right data to help answer the questions your business cares about. Whether it's trying to understand your customers better or if you're trying to meet a strategic objective, this service can help.

The aim of the service is to get the right data and to turn it into useful information that can help answer questions. Your organisation could have questions on customers, operational efficiencies or on it's workforce.
To deliver the information your organisations cares about, we understand your organisation's processes and functions to be able to capture and extract the data needed, understand it and present it.

Take the first step in answering your business questions and get in touch with us. We'll help to identify the data you need to move forward. We'll also review your current data management practices and see where improvements can be made to help your organisation transform.

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Paul Emanuel: Kore Property Group

Director and Property Specialist

Peter Antony, partner of dataZumii would have to be one of the most skilled operators in the untapped field of data research and data technology. Peter was engaged in my real estate business to unearth valuable data components that we were missing and not utilizing in order to grow our company. Right from the onset Peter identified opportunities that we were missing running three data systems in the business. Peter is very passionate understanding of his craft and dealt with my team in the highest of professionalism.
Thank you for your hard work and the growth you have given our business Peter.

Brendan Weston: Independent Real Estate Agent

Property Specialist

To future clients of dataZumii, I am a Real Estate Agent working in my own business, and as we all know how difficult is it to be able to get someone who is a specialist in the IT field that we can trust with all the confidential information we have on our systems. How very lucky we were to have Peter and the team, who took no time to assist when we needed them. After working with dataZumii I can't express in words how grateful we are to the company for their support during our difficult times as a small business, but now our business has grown quite considerably with dataZumii's support.How nice it is to close your business at the end of the day knowing if you need the best support for any data issues it's there.

Julie Dimitroski: Australian Register Homoeopaths Ltd.

Executive Administration Officer

dataZumii have been IT specialists for Australian Register of Homeopaths (AROH) and within the business of Rent & Save. They have always presented themselves in a professional manner and approach all their tasks as our business IT consultants with efficiency and commitment. When a problem arises within the IT component of a business, time is of the essence and that is precisely why we have had dataZumii as our ongoing IT Consultants. Their attention to detail is prompt and the services provided are both time efficient and problem solving. I would have no hesitation in recommending them.

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