Migrate Microsoft Access Databases to the Cloud the easy way.

No tech skills required.

How it Works.


1. Prepare your data

Before you upload your database, do some housekeeping and make sure it’s clean. It’s a good opportunity because better data = better decisions.


3. Let our service do it’s thing

Our service will automatically convert each Microsoft Access table into a Cloud Database table, complete with History (i.e. you can tell what the data was at a particular date).

2. Upload your Database

Upload your database to our service and your tables will be automatically migrated to an Amazon Cloud Database. No need to read technical documentation and waste time getting things right by “trial-and-error”. You’ve got better things to do.


4. Understand your data better.

Don’t be shy of getting to know your data. It’s yours! You now have the data you need to make better decisions by making sense of it like never before.


Test Drive


Fill out your details below, upload your file and it’ll be loaded automatically.

Important: Please don't send any sensitive data as the Database is public!
It will also be dropped and recreated each day at 12am GMT.
Requests are queued and a scheduler processes the queue every 5 minutes. Please be patient.

Each table in your database will be loaded into a database table.

You can access the Database directly using Trevor IO with the login details slurperdemo@datazumii.com (password: datazumii)